Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mercedes Benz vs Bmw

These two have been fighting for sales supremacy in the hotly contested executive-sedan segment for decades, and they've sparred in nearly as many magazine comparison tests as have the Mustang and Camaro. The lead has swapped back and forth from time to time, and just as the Camaro owns the winning record in the ponywars, BMW has finished ahead of Mercedes more often. But each time one of the players rejiggers its formula, it's a brand-new game. Last year's E-Class reboot marked a welcome return to Mercedes-Benz's "designed to a standard, not to a price" ethos, with vastly improved fit, finish, materials, and general solidity. In the bargain, it delivered world-class aerodynamics and held the line on weight, which helped improve performance and fuel efficiency. And yet in February's eight-car match-up, the Mercedes finished two places behind the test-winning lame-duck 535i. So why read on? Surely the new and improved 5 is a slam-dunk winner, right?

Here are some photos of the two brands 
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